Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pasadena Rose Bowl

I have a lot of memories growing up in Pasadena right across the street from the Rose Bowl. I had my first swim lessons at the aquatic center, I played AYSO and club soccer, I rode my bike around the golf course with my parents, and even attended my first World Cup and Rolling Stones concert there. Now I enjoy taking my dogs to walk around the Rose Bowl so that they can get their daily exercise. I have a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel who is used to going on walks around the Rose Bowl everyday with my dad and a 1 year old Morkie who is still learning proper dog etiquette.

I think living by the Rose Bowl is a great place to buy if you have kids and/or enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like to golf, bike, swim, hike, walk your dogs, or play soccer there is something for everyone. Right now I have a buyer who is looking to relocate to Linda Vista Ave. or the surrounding area. My buyer is looking for a 3+ bedroom/2+ bath home, 1,500+ sq. ft., preferably single story around $1,200,000. Please contact me if you have a seller with the above criteria who is thinking of putting their home on the market.

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