Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home Staging Tips

1. Declutter and clean every room to make it look larger. Remove the bulk of your clothes from closets to make your closets appear larger.

2. Get rid of family pictures, knickknacks and anything of personal value. You want buyers to picture themselves living in the home, not you and your family.

3. Replace light bulbs throughout the home with the highest wattage allowed. Open your drapes or remove them completely to allow more natural light in the home.

4. Make sure a room’s primary use is obvious. A bedroom should look like a bedroom, not an office or gym.

5. Remove pet food bowls and litter boxes to the garage.

Get rid of your old welcome mat and buy a new, high quality welcome mat. Make sure the entry has plenty of light for an initial impression of a warm, inviting home.

Living/Family Room
Feature only a few pieces of furniture so that it’s not too crowded and arrange the room in a conversational way. If the furniture is a bit worn use a slip cover to enhance the appearance of your couch and chairs.

Clean and clear everything off the kitchen counters, remove magnets from the refrigerator and spend some extra time decluttering. You can modernize the kitchen by updating the knobs and handles, faucets, lights and other fixtures. Accent with fresh cut flowers, or a bowl of fresh fruit if necessary.

Replace your bath towels with some high quality plush towels making sure to coordinate them with the bathroom's color scheme. Accent with fresh cut flowers.

Limit furniture to a bed, dresser and a couple of small items to make the bedroom appear larger. Invest in some new and luxurious bedding to improve the appearance.

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