Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Moves for Home Buyers

 According to, these are the best 3 moves for home buyers.

If You're Buying:

Don't say: "I'll pay 85% of your asking price and not a penny more."

Instead: Look for homes that are fairly priced and make a reasonable offer. Some of my buyers simply look at the price per square foot when measuring market values and they don't realize that this a very poor way to measure market values. The price per square foot simply shows you market trends by giving you average or median ranges. It does not calculate a property value. The price per square foot of a home does not take into consideration the lot size, location, upgrades, condition and many other factors.

Don't say: "I haven't put my own place on the market yet."

Instead: List your current home before you start shopping seriously for the next one.
If buying a home is not contingent upon the sale of your current home then you should definately sell your home before you are looking to buy. Sellers know there's less chance of the deal falling apart if they do not have to worry about you selling your home.

These days sellers are more hesitant to accept an offer with a contingency that states that you must sell your current home. The best way to buy a home if it's contingent upon the sale of your current home is to already be in escrow with a buyer so that both transaction can close concurrently.

Don't say: "This is my dream house."

Instead: Stop imagining the great parties you'll throw there and gird yourself to walk away if the seller won't make reasonable concessions. Right now the real estate market is a buyer's market. There are plenty of homes for sale right now so don't feel like there is only one perfect house. There is no perfect house and chances are you can probably find another home just as nice and for the same price with a seller that is willing to negotiate with you and give you what you want. 

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