Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Best Moves for Sellers

According to, these are the best 3 moves for sellers:

If you're selling
Don't say: "You're offering how much? Forget you!" 

Instead:When bidders lob low-balls at you, thank them for their interest -- and ask that they come back with earnest offers. These days it is very common to receive multiple offers on a home. You should not feel offended if you receive an offer that is far below asking price. Your Realtor® will most likely counter everyone in this case for their highest and best offer. Hopefully you should receive an offer above asking price if your home has been priced aggressively. Since we are currently in a buyer's market, buyers are looking for the best deal. If you are only receiving low-ball offers then you might want to ask your Realtor® to take a second look at comparables in your area to make sure your home is priced competitively.

Don't say: "I didn't know the deck was rotting." 

Instead: Pay a few hundred dollars to get your house inspected before you put it on the market. Don't be afraid to disclose too much. You do not want to have a lawsuit down the line because you did not properly disclose an item to your buyers. This way a buyer cannot come back at a later date and say that you did not disclose this item.

Don't say: "It might take us a while to move out." 

Instead: Make sure to tell buyers -- especially those who might have children starting school this month -- that you're willing to scram pronto, if possible.  Most buyers prefer to have a 30 day escrow, so if you are able to have a shorter escrow this might help a buyer to decide to write an offer on your home. If there are other items that you believe would make your home stand out when choosing to write an offer then let your Realtor® know, so that this information can be listed on the MLS.

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