Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WD 40 Uses for Around the House

 WD 40 doesn't just help Realtors® with a door that just won't open, check out this list of uses for around the home.

-Keeps garden tools rust-free
-Cleans patio door glide strip
-Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile floor
-Removes crayon from walls & carpet
-Removes water spots from mirrors
-Removes tape marks from the wall where posters hung
-Shines leaves of artificial houseplants
-Removes ink from carpet
-Keeps garden plant cages bright and rust free
-Cleans lawnmower blades
 -Prevents mildew growth on fountain
-Removes marks from floors left by chair feet
-Cleans gold-plated faucets
-Removes adhesive from precious china
-Cleans vinyl garage doors
-Protects wrought iron from rust
-Removes tomato stains from clothes
-Cleans and polishes gold and brass lamps
-Protects shower heads from rust
-Protects silver from blackening
-Cleans black streaks from hardwood floors
-Removes rust stains from bathroom tubs
-Shines shower doors
-Cleans piano keys
-Removes stains from coffee cups
-Clean black marks from shoes off the floor
-Cleans chair wheels
-Cleans window sills
-Prevents corrosion on outdoor light fixtures
-Polishes away scratches on countertops
-Cleans gunk from base of toilet bowl
-Polishes splash guards
-Removes silly putty from furniture
-Cleans lime stains from toilet bowls
-Helps clean showers
-Spray around bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from climbing in
-Spray on trash can lids to keep messes from sticking
-Removes grime from grout on bathroom floor
-Removes fingerprints from bay windows
-Shines outdoor sculptures
-Removes caked-on food from bottom of cookie sheets
-Removes splattered grease on stove
-Keeps garbage disposal from rusting
-Spray on glass objects that are stuck together to separate without breaking
-Cleans food stuck in and around refrigerator
-Makes dead bolt locks work better
-Shines mailboxes
-Spray in cracks between sidewalk and cinderblock wall to prevent weeds from growing in them
-Spray bottoms of storage containers to prevent sticking to shelves
-Removes stickers from crystal
-Prevents rust on chain link fences

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