Monday, March 21, 2011

What is an Electric and Magnetic Field Measurement?

Currently my buyers are in escrow on a home in La Cañada. During our inspection contingency they requested to complete an electric and magnetic field measurement for the safety of their baby. Electric and magnetic fields are invisible lines of force that surround any electric device and can be found wherever electricity flows. The strength of both types of fields is strongest at the source and diminishes rapidly as the distance from the source increases. Since there is a power line behind the property line they wanted to find out the frequency of the electric and magnetic fields.

According to the World Health Organization, the average residential power frequency magnetic fields in homes is about 0.11 microTeslas (=0.011milliGauss) and the average value of the electric field in homes are up to several tens of volts per metre. The average magnetic field measurement for the subject property was approximately 1 microTeslas (=0.1 milliGauss), which was lower than the average residential power frequency. 

For more EMF information or magnetic field measurements call (626) 812-7545 or click here.

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