Monday, May 21, 2012

Villa San Pasqual HBO Enlightened Mid-Century Condo

1000 San Pasqual St #N, Pasadena
For those of you who watched the HBO new series Enlightened this year, the coral complex above may look familiar. In the series, Amy's (Laura Dern) ex husband Levi (Luke Wilson) lives in this apartment complex.

This historic Pasadena complex is actually known as Villa San Pasqual.  There is currently a 3 bed/2 bath condo available in this complex for $739,000. The unit previously sold in 2007 for $740,000.
1000 San Pasqual St #N, Pasadena-Balcony
This second floor unit with private staircase and balcony overlooks an expansive lawn, lovely rose garden and spectacular views of the mountains.
1000 San Pasqual St #N, Pasadena-Living Room
The unit features an updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances & granite counters.  updated baths. Additional features include a den, separate laundry room, new central heat/air unit, copper plumbing and a private 2 car garage. This home qualifies under the Mills Act & enjoys a significant property tax reduction. HOA dues are $579.00.
1000 San Pasqual St #N, Pasadena-Kitchen
If you would like more information about 1000 San Pasqual Street #N, or are interested in Pasadena real estate, call me at (818) 371-3018 or email me at

1000 San Pasqual St #N, Pasadena-Bath

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