Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SOLD! Shadow Hills Short Sale Closed Escrow in 3 Months

Shadow Hills Short Sale
3 months may seem like a long time to be in escrow but if you remember my previous short sale experience we waited 7 months for SHORT SALE APPROVAL! We never did receive short sale approval but my buyers had enough and cancelled escrow. The home is still sitting on the market 291 days later....

Luckily, this time I had the opportunity to work with a listing agent who was experienced with short sales. I showed my buyer 2 homes and this happened to be the 2nd home that we wrote an offer on. The listing agent received 10 offers but my buyers had the highest and best offer. My buyers had 25% down and they did not need to sell their current home in order to by this home.

Check out my buyer's beautiful backyard! They currently do not own horses but there is a horse trail behind the property. Congratulations Sarkis and Angelica!

From this short sale experience I learned that it's very important to work with a listing agent that is familiar with short sales. Every short sale is different but not all short sales are terrible!

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  1. And they got a great deal - even the appraiser thought so!



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