Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SOLD Pasadena Bungalow Heaven Home in 30 Days

I showed my Pasadena buyer about 50 homes and wrote 10 offers before opening escrow on this home in Bungalow Heaven. Unfortunately Pasadena homes under $500,000 is a very competitive price range and we were outbid several times by all cash buyers. This home was actually the 3rd home we had seen. Originally we overlooked the home because there were a lot of things to look past like faux brick walls, bright colored walls and carpet, no central air conditioning and a step up dining room that didn't make sense. We were able to negotiate the price $30,000 below the asking price since it had already been on the market 182 days.

The buyer plans on installing central air conditioning, repainting, pulling the carpets and exposing the hardwood floors, removing the step up dining room and making it level and giving the home some better curb appeal. I can't wait to see what the home will look like when everything is complete. Congratulations Barbara!

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  1. Lisa, great job with this one! You really went above and beyond. Barbara and her daugther told me they really appreciated your hard work & expert negotiations.



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