Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SOLD Glendale Glenoaks Canyon Buff and Hensman

Today I closed escrow on this Buff & Hensman home in Glenoaks Canyon area in Glendale. I have been working on this short sale since 2011! There always seems to be a hiccup that comes up right before escrow, this time it involved a grant deed. We should have closed escrow last week but right before we were going to fund the escrow company realized they did not have the notarized grant deed back from the sellers yet. We had to go back to the bank and ask for an extension because our short sale approval expired in 1 day! Luckily we had a great negotiator and he was able to get us an extension until this Friday. The bank re-approved escrow's HUD on Monday and we were able to fund yesterday and record today. Read about my short sale story part I here and short sale story part II here. Congratulations Jeffrey!

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