Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feng Shui Tips & Tricks For Your Home

Below are some helpful Feng Shui tips from Anita Rosenberg, one of Los Angeles' top certified Feng Shui consultants who was recently featured on Refinery 29. I think my home could use tips numbers seven and sixteen. I need to do some early Spring cleaning and declutter!
1. DO have indoor plants. Good feng shui is about bringing nature inside. Indoor trees are super helpful for stirring up stale qi (pronounced chee) or energy get that’s stuck in corners. Plus, they add a life force and look amazing in a living or dining room.

2. DON'T overdue any one shape in a room. Squares represent the earth element, and too much earth in a space makes you procrastinate. Add sprinkles of round or oval-shaped items (representing metal) and stripes or floral patterns (wood), wavy (water), and pointy (fire) shapes, as well. Balance is the key.

3. DO activate a space by utilizing it as often as possible. The important rooms are the foyer, bedrooms, home office, and kitchen. In the kitchen, this means adding seating for socializing. Kitchens are the new living rooms! 

4. DO always have fresh fruit and flowers in your kitchen (flowers attract money), particularly if you are trying to sell or rent your home. In China, if you had food, it meant you had money, so the kitchen is the space most associated with health and wealth.

5. DO deliberately decorate your bedroom in pairs (especially bedside tables), hang romantic art, and place rose quartz beneath your bed, since it vibrates your heart chakra. Rhodonite, the soulmate crystal, is helpful, too.  

6. The bed should be the king or queen of the room. For best placement, DO have it on a solid interior wall. If you can't do that, either place it beside a doorway or window. DON'T ever have it beneath a window. 

7. DON'T have anything beneath your bed, even storage. The qi should be free to move in and around and beneath, otherwise your dreams will be stifled and future goals will get stuck. 

8. DO have a wooden headboard because metal vibrates your nervous system. 

9. DON'T have red bedding. It vibrates too actively. Blankets and sheets should be flesh tones like a mother’s warm embrace, warm and cozy.

10. DON'T put mirrors in a bedroom because they bring too much yang energy and will keep you awake all night. Bedrooms are yin, calm spaces. If you have a mirror in your bedroom on a vanity or closet, cover it at night to calm the spiritual flow. Try it to see if you sleep better. 

11. Mirrors should never be hung across from each other because they will continually bounce energy back and forth. This is not the type of serene energy that makes for a happy home.

12. DO have extra seating in your bedroom. If you can extend the bed with a chaise or club chairs, like in hotel rooms, that is optimal. 

13. DON'T keep books in your bedroom. It's energetically too active, and like sleeping with every character in each tome! 

14. DON'T have any electronics in your bedroom, which means computers, TV's, and I even shy my clients away from ceiling fans. They emit harmful and unhealthy EMF's, and your bedroom is about healing.

15. DO designate a section in your home that honors family. They are your support team, and photos of them bring goodwill. They should be placed with purpose. Framed photo displays in the living or dining room. Hanging larger photos in a hallway helps stir up stuck qi, plus creates a wonderful family wall of fame.

16. DON'T scatter all of your shelf space with vignettes and tchotchkes, they should be isolated in clustered areas. Fifty-percent of shelf space should always be free, so the qi can move about.

17. DON'T have anything that blocks a door from opening fully, especially your front door. It is the opening for all opportunities. Your front door should also always be solid, any glass windows should be covered by a decorative curtain or opaque blind.

18. DON'T leave your entryway without proper welcoming items. The qi has to hang out for a minute and circulate — it can't just spew into your living room uncomfortably. If you don't have a foyer, you'll need to create one. Just as in life, you must direct where energy goes, and this is the starting point. This area is known as your 'bright hall' and it should have fresh flowers, a Buddha, or some 'greeter.'

19. When buying furniture, DO search for solid items like wood. Glass desks or coffee tables are not recommended, since they should be as supportive as possible, not riddled with the possibility of shattering. Also, you should always search for rounded corners. Sharp, pointed edges are called 'poison arrows.'

20. To discharge negative energy, DO place black tourmaline in a dish filled with salt. There is so much negativity in the world right now that the secret weapon of the crystal kingdom is black tourmaline. When you feel you're ready, empty the salt and start afresh.

21. In your closet, DO face your shoes out to the world. It channels progress.

22. In your dining room, DO make sure there is no queen or king seating at the heads of tables. All chairs can be unique and individual, but the days of ruling the dining room are over. Everyone is equal.

23. DON'T over-clutter your exterior front entrance. All you need is a nice welcome mat and two nice greeters, like dual plants or chairs. Your address needs to be easily visible so opportunities and guests can find you. Keep the entry fresh and clean so qi can find you and welcome you home!

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